An irregular cycle is a menstrual cycle that frequently falls outside of regular ranges.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but is also considered normal if it is anywhere between 21 and 35 days. The length of the period and how often it comes is different for everyone. Some women have regular cycles, which come around the same time every month and is the same length.

Some variability in your menstrual cycle is normal. Irregular cycles are common in the first few years of getting a period. After a few years, your menstrual cycle will most likely settle into a recognisable and regular pattern. It is also normal to experience some irregularity when you are in perimenopause and your periods are coming to an end. Your cycles may also beirregular after pregnancy, and when starting or stopping a hormonal birth control.

People with continually irregular cycles may notice that their menstrual periods happen more frequently or less frequently than normal, are unpredictable, or do not happen at all. Menstrual cycles that are continually irregular can suggest an issue that needs to be addressed.

Many women are referred to our clinic because they have continually irregular cycles. A pelvic ultrasound will help rule out or confirm underlying problems in your ovaries such as polycystic or perimenopausal ovaries.

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