It is helpful to have some urine in the bladder during the scan. However it is not necessary to fill the bladder to an extent of you feeling very uncomfortable especially with modern ultrasound machines.

Yes it is mandatory that the referral letter is either faxed to us or brought with you on the day of your scan. Medicare Australia requires a medical referral from your doctor for each ultrasound examination to qualify for a rebate from your Medicare.

You are most welcome to bring your partner or a close support person with you. It is best if you can arrange childcare for children below 6 years as they can get restless during the scan and can be very distracting. If you decide to bring them with you, please arrange for an adult to supervise them during the scan. Please do not bring your children if you are scheduled to have a procedure like amniocentesis or CVS done.

We provide you with a DVD free of charge.

We try our best to obtain a 3D/4D image of your baby at every scan. However it may not be possible always. It depends on baby’s position, stage of pregnancy, amount of fluid around the baby and can be difficult if you are overweight.

In rare circumstances if we are unable to report accurately our policy is to recommend another scan to be able to report. Ultimately the choice of accepting our recommendation lies with the patient.

We can tell you if it is easily seen and if you wish to know. However it is not always possible and not everyone wish to find out.

No, normal ultrasound findings does not guarantee a normal baby. It detects most major structural abnormalities and the overall detection rate is only around 60%.

No, we are not a bulk billing practice.

Payment in full is required on the day of the scan. You will get a portion of your payment from Medicare Australia, which is paid to your account at the time of billing.

Yes, Please tell the reception staff when you arrive for your scan.

It doesn’t take too long to print off the report while you are waiting. If you are in a hurry, we can fax it to your doctor.