Obstetrics Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce real-time images of a fetus within a pregnant woman. Ultrasound is ahighly valuable diagnostic tool,has no known harmful effects, does not use ionising radiation, and is the preferred method for monitoring pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Some of the pregnancy scans are offered routinely for antenatal care while others are requested by your doctor or Obstetrician when there is a concern or pre existing risk factor.

Some of the indications for an obstetricultrasound include:

  • dating the pregnancy and to accurately determine the due date
  • establishing the number of babies in the uterus
  • checking the position of the placenta
  • checking the length of the cervix
  • assessing the structures of the baby
  • assessing the growth of the baby and its well-being

Early Pregnancy Scan

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

First Trimester Screening

Fetal Anatomy Survey (19 weeks)

Fetal Growth and Well Being Scan

Cervical Length Assessment in Pregnancy

Placental Localisation and Low-Lying Placenta

Twin Pregnancy and Ultrasound

3D / 4D Ultrasound and Pregnancy


Chorionic Villus Sampling

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